Low Carb Ranch Dressing

i just mixed up a batch & my initial impression is scrumptious!  I just need to pick up some almond or coconut milk to thin it down for my salads.

It is simple to whip up with ingredients I had on hand.  I think this will be my “go-to” dressing/dip for some time.

Here is a link to the recipe I added to my kitchen staples.

Keto Ranch Dip

Happy Cooking!


New Beginnings

It has been a couple of months since my last post and what a wonderful time it has been. We have welcomed into our family it’s newest member with the birth of LilBit. She entered this world on August 13th and has taken command of daily activities from the very beginning. Her personality is developing and letting us know who is in charge.

Matching outfits for all 3 Girls (Mommy included) for the Fall Activities came together just in time for the Pumpkin Patch at Eckert’s Farm, Belleville, IL. Mommy’s was just a plain white tee with a fabric bow for scrunching up the side of the tee. Precious’s out fit included leggings with a nice 4″ ruffle & LilBit’s outfit was a onesie cut off to create a tee with a 4″ ruffle to complete the look. Notice the 4th outfit? That is for Baby Jenna (Precious’s baby doll). The pumpkin appliqué/embroidery design is from Anita Good Designs.

My friend, Anna, and her two granddaughters along with Misty, myself, Precious & Lil Bit all went apple and pumpkin picking. What a great time we had watching these little wonders twist & pull the apples from low hanging branches in the apple orchard. Little ones are allowed to eat apples that they pick with no charge. Then on to the pumpkin patch where we hunted for small pumpkins they could carry and call their own.

Precious talked PawPaw into taking her for a ride in her red wagon and of course pumpkin had to accompany them for the ride. Wish I had been there to get a picture of the ride.

Here we are over 70, retired and yet still full of life as we spend our days watching the granddaughters grow and develop into loving, caring little one. Mom & Dad are doing such a wonderful job as they make the important decisions & nurture their development. Larry and I just enjoy our time with this growing family and help out as we can.

Never thought we would be at this point in our lives. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to be grandparents to this family and son and his family. We are truly blessed. Thank You!

Blessing to all.


Sewing Summer Dress for Precious

My Viking Ruby Royal sewing/embroidery machine was in the shop for a couple of weeks and I definitely went through withdrawal.  I have some kind of a sewing project lined up and working almost every day.  This is a little dress that I whipped up and accented with some butterfly appliqué that I purchased thru Amazon.  The butterfly pockets were a little bit of a challenge simply due to their small size; but they worked out just fine.  After all she is only 2yo and on the move.


It fit her perfectly and she had to wear it the first day.  She is only 2 yo, but she seems to know how to keep her Grammy in line and doing her bidding.  Smiles, ladybug hugs and butterfly kisses go a long way to making Grammy’s heart melt and this Grammy is loving every bit of it.  Misty tried to tell me that I’m the adult and in charge and Precious does need to get what she wants all the time.  I just laughed and ask her if Precious was aware of that fact.  I reminded Misty that my real job was unconditional love and acceptance & I was excelling in that department.  🙂

Being a Grammy is the absolutely best job I have ever had the privilege to have. Love all 3 of my grandkids and baby Sister isn’t even here as yet..

Butterfly Kisses!



Steak Fajitas

I’m still exploring recipes for the slow cooker or that can be converted to the slow cooker and I found another winner – Steak Fajitas.

Here’s the link.

It was so-o-o easy.  I used Shannon’s recipe for the spices, cut the flank steak into strips; placed all the ingredients in the slow cooker, sprinkled on the spices & stir to coat.  Let it cook.  Easy-Peasy.  The aroma filled the air when we arrived home and it was just minutes before I had everything ready.

I will definitely be looking to FitSlowCookerQueen.com for more easy slow cooker recipes.

Happy Cooking,



B-B-Q Sauce over Baby Back Ribs

I keep looking at recipes and trying new things.  This is another Slow Cooker Recipe I have tried.

First is the B-B-Q Sauce from Papa G’s.  It is a great, simple recipe and can be customized by adding spices to create more heat; or dark brown sugar or molasses for some sweetness; a little more liquid smoke for a more hickory flavor. I am so glad I found this recipe.

I checked out another recipe for Baby Back Ribs that had you start by rubbing salt, pepper & paprika to the slab of ribs after cutting the slab into 3 pieces for ease in fitting them into the slow cooker.  Place the seasoned ribs on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and broil under medium heat for about 10-15 minutes each side to create a nice brown, char on the pieces.

Put a small amount of B-B-Q sauce on the bottom of the slow cooker and layer the ribs in the cooker, covering each section with some of the sauce.  Save a little sauce for dipping when cooked.

Cook on HI for approximately 4 hours an on LOW for approximately 6 hours. To serve, remove very carefully, as the meat will fall off the bones, to a serving platter.  Cover with additional sauce.

Happy Eating!



Slow Cooker Chicken w/Rice

With summer in full heat mode, I am looking to my slow cooker for easy recipes that don’t heat up the kitchen.  I have started with a simple Chicken w/Rice.  Just going from memory of a dish I liked; this is what I came up with.

Pour approximately 1 cup of brown rice in the bottom of slow cooker.  Sprinkle with onion powder, garlic powder and paprika.  Place chicken breast (or the pieces you prefer) on top of rice then add some sliced mushrooms on top.  Pour 2 cups of chicken broth & about 1/2 cup of heavy cream over mixture and cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours.10E86244-8A25-4ABD-B9D6-83C7A1E66A15

This is a basic recipe, add any spices or flavorings according to your taste or the time of the year.  A little sage in November, some cumin &/or chili powder in the fall, etc.


Quilting – Proud to be an American

Sometimes we do the seemly crazy things.  Take perfectly good fabric, cut it up, sew it back together and cut it up and sew it back together again,.  The results are amazing!  That is the technique used to create this Waving Flag Quilted Table Topper.

My Tuesday night group again came up with a wonderful learning experience with amazing results.  I had been wanting to try this technique, but just to scared to try it on my own.  Diana & Donna are great teachers and I love their ideas.


I am still learning to piece quilt.  My corners don’t always match and my seams are not always right on target, but I am still learning.  At 71yrs I am grateful that I am still active and able to do the things I do.

Have a Great Day & God Bless America.


Butterfly – FSL (free standing lace)

My daughter comes up with some of the best decorating ideas – dragon tacos out of Oreos & circles on the bedroom wall). She roams Pinterest and other sites picking out what suits her needs and sometime she gets me involved.  Such is how the circles on the wall came to be.

After creating the stencils, painting them on the wall and doing the cleanup on the designs; it was time for a little creativity from me.  We both like and collect butterflies.  They are a symbol of new beginning, transformation and just down right beautiful.

There are a lot of machine embroidery designs for FSL and I have a few in my collection.  I also have quite a few regular butterflies.  I stitched out the FSL designs according to the direction and for the others, I used sparkling organzas to stabilize the design.   Gingerly cut around the design.  I had used 3 layers of water soluble stabilizer so by gently wetting each butterfly and shaping it on a towel, I was able to give the illusion of flight.  Attach them to the wall with double sided tape and now we have butterflies fluttering around the wall.

Happy Decorating!


Butterfly Placemats

I have had these squares ready to incorporate into projects for sometime. Now that I have a mid-arm quilter, it is time to get with it. I have a twin quilt piece and sandwiched just waiting to be quilted. The quilter is new and I am still learning to how and what to do so small projects seem to be in order before tackling he actual quilt.

This set of placemats fit the need. I love the outcome. They have a internal light weight batting and a blue flannel backing. This gives them just the right amount of weight to stay in place.

Blessings, Ann