Butterfly Placemats

I have had these squares ready to incorporate into projects for sometime. Now that I have a mid-arm quilter, it is time to get with it. I have a twin quilt piece and sandwiched just waiting to be quilted. The quilter is new and I am still learning to how and what to do so small projects seem to be in order before tackling he actual quilt.

This set of placemats fit the need. I love the outcome. They have a internal light weight batting and a blue flannel backing. This gives them just the right amount of weight to stay in place.

Blessings, Ann

Weighted Blanket

I was asked to make a weighted blanket for a child with autism. I had not even heard of this and had no way of knowing what to do. Back to YouTube! One of my best resources of late. After watching about 10 videos and looking at several tutorial on Pinterest I started my adventure.

The lovely Princess and the soft-n-cozy materials along with the beads for filling all came from Joann’s. Not only am I able to purchase everything I need for the project, but the staff there is always helpful.

I delivered the blanket today and hopefully the child will benefit from this project.

Blessings until next time, Ann

My New Toy

i love sewing!!!  Not an expert at any particular area of sewing, but do a little of it all.    I have made some quilt tops and done the final quilting on my sewing machines.  Handling all that bulk is difficult but possible.  Sometimes the results are “ok” and sometimes I just quiver in disbelief at all the errors.

Well, I have the solution – a mid arm free motion quilter: a Platinum 16 by Viking.   I am so excited & anxious. It is set up & I have been practicing.  I even had a quilt ready & waiting.  Just a few more days of practice & I may see what I can do.  All I know is that the only direction is up.

I’ll  let. You know when I have the courage to take that first step.



Chicken Enchilla Bowl

I’m still exploring recipes that pair well with my slow cooker and found another keeper.

Chicken Enchilla Bowl

Loved the easy in putting this together.  My chicken breast were still partially frozen, but that didn’t seem to make any difference on the cooking time – 6-7 hours on low.  I didn’t have frozen corn on hand, so just added a whole can of drained corn.  I was fearful that they might turn to mush, but no those little kernels stayed in tact.

I served them in a plain bowl with a layer of tortilla chips on bottom, then the enchilla mixture topped with lots of grated cheese.

This is definitely a year round recipe that has made it’s way into my kitchen.

Happy Cooking, Ann