Just Back From Florida

I love retirement! We just spent 4 days in sunny, 80* Florida visiting with Scott & his family. Lil Scott is growing and changing by the day. He is 27 months old and when I watch him and his mannerisms I see his dad at that age. Same features and actions.

We spent Friday morning making sugar cookies. Waiting for them to cool was the hardest part of the whole process. Getting to ice and add sprinkles was the best part. I think more icing and sprinkles ended up in lil Scott than on the cookies. It was such a joy to share this time with him.

Coop is lil Scott’s brother and he was there Saturday morning before his dad picked him up for the weekend. We made pigs in a blanket for breakfast. The boys rolled out the dough and added the little smokies. Coop was pleased at adding 2 smokies to each blanket stretching them out and pinching up the dough to make a taco looking treat. Lil Scott would wrap two smokies side by side in a double sleeping bag look. Later that day when Coop talked with his mother (she just returned from a week long mandatory seminar for work) He was so excited about the cooking experience and gave her all the details.

We spent Sunday morning visiting with Scott, Theresa & lil Scott before catching our flight back to St. Louis where is was a bone chilling 26*. It is still bitterly cold today but the weekend is looking warmer.

Even with the weather and any other things you might consider, I still would not trade this experience for any other. The long hugs from my grandchildren is all I need. I Love everything about our life.



WOW – Two Granddaughters

When Larry & I retired, we though of traveling, fishing & just enjoying the leisure time of our lives.  Boy were we wrong.  Now with 2 granddaughters and a grandson we are busier than we expected to be.  Precious will be turning 3 in June and Lil Bit is just 6 months old.  Scott’s lil one turned 2 last December.

We are staying in St Louis and helping with the girls and traveling to Florida to spend time with Scott and his family.

Sewing for the girls has been both a joy and a challenge as they don’t stay the same size very long.  About the time you get it perfected, they grow!  Here is their Christmas dresses.

I love the way the wired ribbon bows just sort of crinkled up.  Really added some character.

Seems like so much has happened in the last 6 months.  The time has flown by.

Now that things are getting in somewhat of a routine, I’ll be better are keeping things going.

Have a Great Day & Blessings to all!