WOW – Two Granddaughters

When Larry & I retired, we though of traveling, fishing & just enjoying the leisure time of our lives.  Boy were we wrong.  Now with 2 granddaughters and a grandson we are busier than we expected to be.  Precious will be turning 3 in June and Lil Bit is just 6 months old.  Scott’s lil one turned 2 last December.

We are staying in St Louis and helping with the girls and traveling to Florida to spend time with Scott and his family.

Sewing for the girls has been both a joy and a challenge as they don’t stay the same size very long.  About the time you get it perfected, they grow!  Here is their Christmas dresses.

I love the way the wired ribbon bows just sort of crinkled up.  Really added some character.

Seems like so much has happened in the last 6 months.  The time has flown by.

Now that things are getting in somewhat of a routine, I’ll be better are keeping things going.

Have a Great Day & Blessings to all!



Butterfly – FSL (free standing lace)

My daughter comes up with some of the best decorating ideas – dragon tacos out of Oreos & circles on the bedroom wall). She roams Pinterest and other sites picking out what suits her needs and sometime she gets me involved.  Such is how the circles on the wall came to be.

After creating the stencils, painting them on the wall and doing the cleanup on the designs; it was time for a little creativity from me.  We both like and collect butterflies.  They are a symbol of new beginning, transformation and just down right beautiful.

There are a lot of machine embroidery designs for FSL and I have a few in my collection.  I also have quite a few regular butterflies.  I stitched out the FSL designs according to the direction and for the others, I used sparkling organzas to stabilize the design.   Gingerly cut around the design.  I had used 3 layers of water soluble stabilizer so by gently wetting each butterfly and shaping it on a towel, I was able to give the illusion of flight.  Attach them to the wall with double sided tape and now we have butterflies fluttering around the wall.

Happy Decorating!


Butterfly Placemats

I have had these squares ready to incorporate into projects for sometime. Now that I have a mid-arm quilter, it is time to get with it. I have a twin quilt piece and sandwiched just waiting to be quilted. The quilter is new and I am still learning to how and what to do so small projects seem to be in order before tackling he actual quilt.

This set of placemats fit the need. I love the outcome. They have a internal light weight batting and a blue flannel backing. This gives them just the right amount of weight to stay in place.

Blessings, Ann

Weighted Blanket

I was asked to make a weighted blanket for a child with autism. I had not even heard of this and had no way of knowing what to do. Back to YouTube! One of my best resources of late. After watching about 10 videos and looking at several tutorial on Pinterest I started my adventure.

The lovely Princess and the soft-n-cozy materials along with the beads for filling all came from Joann’s. Not only am I able to purchase everything I need for the project, but the staff there is always helpful.

I delivered the blanket today and hopefully the child will benefit from this project.

Blessings until next time, Ann