Chicken Enchilla Bowl

I’m still exploring recipes that pair well with my slow cooker and found another keeper.

Chicken Enchilla Bowl

Loved the easy in putting this together.  My chicken breast were still partially frozen, but that didn’t seem to make any difference on the cooking time – 6-7 hours on low.  I didn’t have frozen corn on hand, so just added a whole can of drained corn.  I was fearful that they might turn to mush, but no those little kernels stayed in tact.

I served them in a plain bowl with a layer of tortilla chips on bottom, then the enchilla mixture topped with lots of grated cheese.

This is definitely a year round recipe that has made it’s way into my kitchen.

Happy Cooking, Ann

Poncho for Bella

Precious  and I have made some wonderful friends through the local library system. For me has been meeting Anna.  She is a wonderful lady from San Antonio.  Her daughter and son-in-law both work for Boeing and when Eli came along, she moved to St. Louis to keep her granddaughter and just about 9 months later her son and Daughter-in-law had their first child, Bella & they transferred to the Boeing facility here.  Now Anna has 2 lovely granddaughters to care for during the day.

We both attended “Lap Time” at the Indian Trails Branch of the St. Louis Library System and soon started chatting and the rest is history.  We meet up about once a week for a play day for the girls which are 2 yo, 20 months & 1 yo.  They love having tea parties at the History Museum, splash pads are always a hit & the zoo has string rays, trains rides & merry go rounds.

Now for the Cape for Bella: she has just turned 1yo and her party is Saturday so of course I had to make something special and the cape/ponchos I made Precious were a hit, so I made one for her.  I used Simplicity Patter #1564 Capelet.  Since she will not need it until fall and later, I use the 18 month size and added 3” to the length.  I sewed the front seam together leaving an opening of 5”.  I preferred a poncho rather than a cape. I paid attention to the total head opening; normally 21” for a 2yo & I am hoping that this will last 2 seasons.

The embroidery design came as a preloaded design on m Ruby Royal sewing/embroidery machine & with the font, just added her name.

The outter red is sweatshirt material while the lining is Minnie Mouse flannel.  Her birthday theme is Minnie Mouse.

Her party is Saturday and I am looking forward to all the fun Precious and all will have.

Blessings, Ann


Sewing Summer Dress for Precious

My Viking Ruby Royal sewing/embroidery machine was in the shop for a couple of weeks and I definitely went through withdrawal.  I have some kind of a sewing project lined up and working almost every day.  This is a little dress that I whipped up and accented with some butterfly appliqué that I purchased thru Amazon.  The butterfly pockets were a little bit of a challenge simply due to their small size; but they worked out just fine.  After all she is only 2yo and on the move.


It fit her perfectly and she had to wear it the first day.  She is only 2 yo, but she seems to know how to keep her Grammy in line and doing her bidding.  Smiles, ladybug hugs and butterfly kisses go a long way to making Grammy’s heart melt and this Grammy is loving every bit of it.  Misty tried to tell me that I’m the adult and in charge and Precious does need to get what she wants all the time.  I just laughed and ask her if Precious was aware of that fact.  I reminded Misty that my real job was unconditional love and acceptance & I was excelling in that department.  🙂

Being a Grammy is the absolutely best job I have ever had the privilege to have. Love all 3 of my grandkids and baby Sister isn’t even here as yet..

Butterfly Kisses!



Steak Fajitas

I’m still exploring recipes for the slow cooker or that can be converted to the slow cooker and I found another winner – Steak Fajitas.

Here’s the link.

It was so-o-o easy.  I used Shannon’s recipe for the spices, cut the flank steak into strips; placed all the ingredients in the slow cooker, sprinkled on the spices & stir to coat.  Let it cook.  Easy-Peasy.  The aroma filled the air when we arrived home and it was just minutes before I had everything ready.

I will definitely be looking to for more easy slow cooker recipes.

Happy Cooking,